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We are BoardShare, a company dedicated to bringing technology into classrooms worldwide. Our Journey began in 2013 due to our immense passion for education and technology and it has been an exciting and challenging ride thus far. We realized that technology is not only important in today's world, but essential in education. Understanding that a large percentage of schools are unexposed to technology, I decided to tap into the brilliant minds of my team at Katalyst Technologies to discover creative alternatives with lower costs. At that point, BoardShare was born.

We are invested in educating ourselves about current education technology policies in order to understand the challenges educators face and how we can help eliminate some of those challenges. By collaborating with reputable companies such as Scholastic and the New York Institute of Technology, we are able to expose ourselves to various types of learning environments to better understand the diverse needs of classrooms today.

Being a family owned business, we have the opportunity to be in direct contact with our customers and their feedback is heard immediately. This allows us to be constantly working to improve BoardShare based on what our customers are saying and implement new strategies for more effective results. I encourage you to reach out to us so that you can learn more about who we are and what we do. We truly want to bring interactivity and technology into your classrooms to better engage and expand the minds of your students.

Kind Regards, Rahul Shah, CEO