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When the Jackson City School District first started moving in the direction of implementing interactive technology in their elementary schools, they knew that they wanted to utilize the Scholastic Book Fair program. The Scholastic Book Fair catalog offered a number of different interactive technology products, and the Jackson City School District had a great deal of Scholastic dollars they could use to purchase these products.

Initially, the Scholastic dollars were used to purchase more expensive interactive whiteboards for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classrooms. However, when the manufacturers of these interactive whiteboards began charging for necessary software updates, the district was unable to further fund these interactive whiteboards. They also quickly realized that they would need to devote a great deal of time to professional training for this product.

Unable to spend additional time or money on these interactive whiteboards, staff members found themselves looking at alternative interactive whiteboard products. After coming across BoardShare in the Scholastic Book Fair catalog, they found the technology they were looking for with MyBoardShare.

District at a glance:

  • Located in Jackson,Ohio
  • 1 High School, 1 Middle School and 3 elementary schools
  • 75 elementary classrooms
  • 2,113 enrolled students
  • Goal is to "continue to provide a safe learning environment where all students can prosper and become productive citizens"

The Results

"Boardshare has been able to bring interactive learning into the classrooms that now engage the student in the learning process," said Stephanie Newsom, district librarian for Jackson City School District.

BoardShare was implemented in Northview Elementary, Southview Elementary, and Westview Elementary. Implementing BoardShare in elementary schools was of particular importance for the staff, as they wanted to prepare younger students for the digital world.

BoardShare allowed teachers and students to quickly begin making gains in the classroom. It was a "seamless way to integrate technology into teachers' classrooms," Newsom explained.

Provided interactive technology in 3 schools

Implemented in 37 classroom in the District

As classrooms were equipped with projectors and laptops, BoardShare acted as a bridge between the technology the teachers already had, and the interactivity they were seeking.

Newsom added that BoardShare was much simpler to use than other interactive whiteboards, which meant less time training staff on the product.

Cost Analysis

Because the district was able to purchase BoardShare with Scholastic dollars, "BoardShare did not cost the district any funding," Newsom said; this left the funding open to purchase other products or services.

BoardShare's lack of licensing fees and free software updates also helped save the district a great deal of money. When compared to the cost of using the other interactive whiteboard they were considering, BoardShare saved the Jackson City School District at least $2500 a year.

Analysis of Product Features

One of the most common questions customers ask is, "What is the difference between BoardShare and its competitors in regards to the hardware and software?" BoardShare's goal is to maintain simplicity of the product with both its hardware and software. Understanding that not all teachers are tech wizards, our main motivation is to make sure that the set-up of the hardware and the use of the software is as simple as possible. The chart below lays out some of the key differences between BoardShare and our competitors.

Stephanie Newsom

District Librarian, Jackson City School District

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"BoardShare provided staff and students a vast array of teachable moments at their fingertips to help better prepare this generation for the future. Without Boardshare partnering with Scholastic, I know that this district would not been able to purchase this great interactive solution for our classrooms. This is a great interactive solution for schools and it is affordable. The support our district has received and the people that I have dealt with have been GREAT!!"

About BoardShare

BoardShare is dedicated to bringing technology into classrooms worldwide. Our Journey began in 2013 due to our immense passion for education and technology and it has been an exciting and challenging ride thus far. We realized that technology is not only important in today's world, but essential in education. Understanding that a large percentage of schools are unexposed to technology, I decided to tap into the brilliant minds of my team at Katalyst Technologies to discover creative alternatives with lower costs. At that point, BoardShare was born. We are invested in educating ourselves about current education technology policies in order to understand the challenges educators face and how we can help eliminate some of those challenges. By collaborating with reputable companies such as Scholastic and the New York Institute of Technology, we are able to expose ourselves to various types of learning environments to better understand the diverse needs of classrooms today.
Being a family owned business, we have the opportunity to be in direct contact with our customers and their feedback is heard immediately. This allows us to be constantly working to improve BoardShare based on what our customers are saying and implement new strategies for more effective results. I encourage you to reach out to us so that you can learn more about who we are and what we do. We truly want to bring interactivity and technology into your classrooms to better engage and expand the minds of your students.

Rahul Shah

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