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One of the most common questions customers ask is "How is BoardShare different from other interactive devices on the market?" We love to answer this question because we are different from other interactive whiteboards. Here are some of the differences and the reasons customers prefer BoardShare over our competitors:

  • Portability: BoardShare is completely portable so it can move from room to room or building to building.
  • Flexibility: Not only can BoardShare adapt to different styles of classrooms, but the software works with any file or document on your computer (including 3rd party software). BoardShare is also flexible in its unique design of the pen stylus. The design was carefully crafted so that anyone could use BoardShare, specifically students with disabilities.
  • Price: Our low cost is a large factor ($398 MSRP). BoardShare was designed with the budget-conscious school in mind.
  • Customer Service: We’re a family owned business that has passion for education, are dedicated to our customers, and continuously work to enhance our product. Our diverse team brings an unmatched set of skills that drive our product and our mission.