Four easy steps to get your instant smart wall up and running.

BoardShare's simple design and quick setup process makes it incredibly simple to get you using your device within a matter of minutes.

Camera projector

Quick and easy installation

It's simple and easy to get started. Download the BoardShare software from the Software Downloads page. Select the software that aligns with your operating system. You will automatically be notified when there is a newer version of the software. All software updates are free, and there are no licensing fees.

Setup your BoardShare camera, projector, and laptop

Connect your existing projector to your desktop or laptop, and connect your BoardShare camera to your computer via USB.

Camera projector

Camera projector

Calibrate your screen

Now that you have powered the BoardShare camera via USB and launched the BoardShare software, you will be prompted to calibrate your screen. This process allows the camera to map out the areas of your projected image. Adjust the BoardShare camera to align the camera laser to the white crosshair on your screen. Using the BoardShare pen stylus, select the 9 crosshairs that appear.

Explore, navigate, and annotate

Once your system is calibrated, you have an unlimited number of options for how to use BoardShare. Navigate websites, annotate PDFs and word documents, or create dynamic and exciting presentations in the virtual whiteboard space. The possibilities are endless!

Camera projector


Boardshare Full Length Training Video

Frequently Asked Questions


A. Yes, if you plan to use BoardShare on a wall, marker board, or other surface you will need a projector. If you plan to use a TV as your display than a projector is not needed, simply attach an HDMI cable from your laptop to the TV.

A. No, your finger will not work with Boardshare. Because BoardShare has the flexibility to turn any surface interactive we have created a pen stylus for your use.

A. Yes, BoardShare does not block any 3rd party software or apps. If it is on your computer or you can access it, it will work with the Boardshare software.
A. Because the BoardShare software is a download onto your computer you cannot use the device directly with the IPad/Tablet. BoardShare can be used with your IPad or tablet that has Mira Cast capabilities, or through any 3rd party Mira Cast apps.
A. Yes! BoardShare is compatible with both Windows and Mac Operating systems.

System Requirements


Windows 7 and higher

At least 2 GB RAM


OS X 10.8 and higher

At least 2 GB RAM

A. You will receive a notice of a software upgrade the next time you open the Boardshare software. You may choose to upgrade at that time or later.

Access your 'system preferences' via the Apple drop-down menu or by searching on spotlight.

Go to 'Security & Privacy'


Allow apps to download from 'Anywhere'. If the options are greyed out make sure the lock on the bottom left is open.

Increase flexibility in classroom setup

If your room layout presents challenges, the BoardShare Bluetooth unit provides greater portability and setup flexibility.

Even more on-the-go!

Take your Bluetooth unit with you and plug it in!

Camera projector

Not tethered to your computer

Don’t want your BoardShare unit tethered to your computer? No problem! The Bluetooth unit can be plugged into any power source in your room, including standard wall outlets. If you want to power it via USB, you have to option to do so.

Download the software

Download the BoardShare software from our Software Downloads page. The Bluetooth unit is compatible with Windows, so be sure to download the Windows version of the most recent software.

Camera projector

Camera projector

Connect via Bluetooth

Once your unit is powered, pair your Bluetooth unit to your computer via Bluetooth settings in your computer. The BoardShare system will find your unit if it is properly paired, and connect to it. For more information on how to pair your camera, please visit our Help page.

Calibrate and explore

Once your computer is hooked up to your projector and the BoardShare software has registered your Bluetooth unit, you are ready to complete the 9 point calibration process, and explore!

Camera projector

Frequently Asked Questions

A. The USB camera must be connected to the laptop with a USB cable. You can connect the Bluetooth unit via USB as well, but you also have the option to connect it to any power source in the room, which allows for greater flexibility in classroom setup.

While the USB camera is compatible with both Windows and Mac, the Bluetooth unit is only compatible with Windows 7 and higher computers that are Bluetooth 4.0 enabled.

Lastly, the price of the USB camera is $349, while the Bluetooth camera is $499.

A. The Bluetooth version must be connected to the laptop via USB, or plugged into any wall outlet. So, while it is not wireless, it does not need to be tethered to the computer.

Take BoardShare to the next level

Worried about classroom setup, using BoardShare on a rough surface, or losing your pen stylus? Take a look at our accessories.

Camera projector

Extendable wand (BW8020)

The wand is an optional stylus that works similarly to the pen, as it communicates with the camera through IR technology. The wand extends for a longer reach and, because the wand does not need to touch the surface in order for the wand to work, it is ideal to use on rough surfaces and pull down projector screens.

Ceiling Mount (BM8030)

The Ceiling mount is an optional piece of hardware that makes BoardShare a permanent fixture. The ceiling mount is fixed to the ceiling and the camera is placed securely in the celling mount sleeve. A 30ft. USB cable is included. This is ideal for rooms with short throw projectors and flat screen televisions.

Camera projector

Camera projector

Pen Stylus (BP8010)

The pen stylus communicates with the camera through infrared technology (IR). IR technology requires that both the pen and the camera base have a clear line of sight so that the communication is not interrupted. The pen is included in the BoardShare package and can also be purchased additionally. Pens can be used with any BoardShare camera.

Using the wand with BoardShare

Camera projector

Ceiling mount installation

Camera projector

Using the pen with BoardShare

Camera projector

BoardShare Full Length Training Video


Setup BoardShare on an HDTV


Using the Pen with BoardShare


Using the Wand with BoardShare


Use Desktop Applications, Access the Internet, and Telestrate


Ceiling Mount Installation

New Features

Demo of New Features for April 2016 Software Update

New Features

Demo of New Features for July 2016 Software Update

USB Device (BC8002)


Includes camera, pen stylus,
batteries for pen (AA), USB cable.
Software is free for life; no licensing fees.

Bluetooth Device (BC8001 BT)


Includes camera, pen stylus batteries for pen (AA), USB cable, and power adapter.
Software is Free for life; no licensing fees

Extendable wand (BW8020)


Optional stylus.
Batteries (AAA) included

Ceiling Mount (BM8030)


30 foot USB cable and screws included

Pen Stylus (BP8010)

$39 per additional pen

Batteries (AA) included

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