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Having Trouble Getting Started

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Ensure that you are holding and using the pen properly.

Hold the pen upright and flat against the display surface. Make sure that the pen and camera have a direct line of sight, and that you are not blocking the camera with your body. If you are blocking the projected image, you are most likely blocking the camera. Hold the pen flat against the surface slightly to one side of your body.

The BoardShare pen tip must be pressed against the surface you are writing on; this allows the camera to read the pen strokes. When writing with the pen, press the pen tip and hold it down consistently while writing. When you are finished writing, lift the pen tip off the surface.

Do not press the pop-up menu button on the BoardShare pen during calibration.

For more information on using the pen, watch our short 60 second video here.


Ensure that your batteries in the pen stylus are working

If the LED light on the pen stylus is rapidly blinking, replace the batteries with two new AAs.


Ensure that the pen icon is selected

Make sure that the pen icon on the BoardShare palette has been selected. The icon will turn white when properly selected.


Adjust projector brightness

Infrared light can disrupt the BoardShare camera's ability to track the pen's infrared signal. Begin by attempting to turn down the projector's brightness. The menu options and settings vary based on the projector make and model. (Refer to the user's manual for projector specific instructions)

  • Go To Menu > Display Mode and change the settings to preset modes to decrease the brightness
  • Manually lower the brightness and saturation settings

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