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Ensure correct camera distance

Your BoardShare camera must be at least 5 feet away from your projected image, and can go back a maximum of 15 feet.

The BoardShare camera must be at a distance "D" = Width + Height of the projection image. 
For precision during the setup process, measure the size of your projected image, and then measure the correct distance from the projected image.

Example: the projected image we are using in this picture is 4X3.

This means we are going to place our camera at least 7 feet from our projected image.


Ensure that your resolution sizes are correct

BoardShare recommends a computer resolution of 1024x768. To change your resolution, open the control panel of your computer; this can normally be done by right clicking on your desktop, and selecting the display or graphics properties. The resolution may differ depending on your type of projector and overall compatibility of resolution between the projector and computer.


Adjust the settings in the BoardShare software

Select the Settings icon located towards the bottom right of the BoardShare palette.

Next, select Preferences and turn on all that apply. If your projector and/or camera are ceiling mounted, make sure those options are switched to ON.

If you are still unable to complete calibration, please call the BoardShare team at (855) 237-0203; we'd be happy to help you!

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