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Ensure correct camera distance

Make sure that there are no obstructions in the line of the camera. The camera and the pen need to have a direct line of sight so that the pen will work correctly. If you are blocking the projected image, you are likely blocking the camera's line of sight. Hold the pen flat against the surface slightly to one side of your body.


Ensure that your batteries in the pen stylus are working

Your BoardShare camera must be at least 5 feet away from your projected image, and can go back a maximum of 15 feet.

The BoardShare camera must be at a distance "D" = Width + Height of the projection image.
For precision during the setup process, measure the size of your projected image, and then measure the correct distance from the projected image.

Example: the projected image we are using in this picture is 4X3.

This means we are going to place our camera at least 7 feet from our projected image.


Adjust projector bulb

You may also need to switch out the projector. If a projector bulb is too bright, changing the overall brightness of the projector may not be effective. Switching a bright projector bulb out for a dimmer projector bulb will allow BoardShare's infrared capabilities to begin working.


Adjust natural light

In this scenario you may or may not notice your mouse acting a little erratically. Bright natural light can hinder BoardShare's infrared capabilities. To block out bright natural light, close any blinds that may be allowing large amounts of light in.

If you are still unable to select any calibration points, please call the BoardShare team at (855) 237-0203; we'd be happy to help you!

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