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Connect the camera to another USB port on your computer

If you have connected the BoardShare camera into the USB port on your computer, but the BoardShare software is not finding it, try connecting the BoardShare camera into another USB port on your computer. This will allow you to rule out that there is an issue with the BoardShare camera, and that it is an issue with the USB port.

If you have tried connecting the camera to multiple USB ports on your computer, try connecting the camera to a different computer. If the camera is found by the software on another computer, it is an issue with the USB ports on the computer rather than an issue with the BoardShare camera.


If you have ordered multiple BoardShare units, please try the other unit’s USB cable with your camera

Switch out your camera’s USB cable with the other unit’s USB cable. Be sure to try these on multiple computers and multiple USB ports. If the software is able to detect the camera after trying it with a different USB cable, then your original USB cable is not working correctly. If you have found that this cable is not working, please contact BoardShare support so that we can provide you with a new USB cable.

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