BoardShare Document Camera

Create, Capture, Collaborate, and Share

The BoardShare Document Camera is a real-time image presenter that displays any object to a larger audience. BoardShare's mission is to provide affordable and accessible education technology to any school, regardless of budget or location.

Camera's flexible neck allows you to manually adjust the zoom depending on the object's height and size

Built-in LED lights illuminate any object you wish to show, providing greater clarity and quality images

The sturdy rounded base provides durability and stability

All software downloads are free with no licensing fees. Free software updates included in cost.

BoardShare High Definition Document Camera

Key Features

  • High quality 5 megapixel, 2592 x 1944 resolution camera
  • Digitally annotate the camera's live-stream or still captures with BoardShare’s integrated annotation software
  • Take screenshots of your digital annotations
  • Record videos, and turn captured images into a video with the image-to-video function
  • Take pictures at fixed times or set intervals with the time-lapse function
  • The lightweight camera weighs 1.1 pounds, and can be easily transported around your room

What sets the BoardShare

Document Camera apart?

  • Built in LED lights illuminate any object you wish to show, providing greater clarity and quality images
  • The camera's sturdy and rounded base offers greater stability and durability
  • The BoardShare Document Camera comes with free integrated annotation software. Make any annotations to the camera's live feed, or import and annotate on video and images imported into the document camera software.
  • Take pictures while your computer is sleeping at a timed interval or fixed time throughout the day. The pictures caputred from Time-lapse can be used in our image to video software!
  • Create videos from images with the document camera's image to video function. The user can watch a maker object being created, create claymation, or witness a plant growing!

BoardShare Document Camera Functions

A Complete Toolbox for Document Camera Functionality

Using your BoardShare Document Camera

  • Place object(s) under camera
  • Adjust the image quality from the Resolution icon
  • View in full screen mod e by selecting the Full View icon
  • Rotate or flip the image from the View Orientation menu
  • Zoom in or out by selecting the Zoom icons
  • Magnify an area with a Zoom Factor by selecting the Magnifier icon
Steps For Capturing Images
  • Select the Capture icon
  • Select Save As and then Save
Steps For Recording Videos
  • Select the Record icon
  • Save the recording (recording starts immediately after recording is saved)
  • End the recording by selecting the RecStop icon
Steps For Importing Images And Videos
  • Select the Import icon to make the palette appear
  • Select the Picture icon to import pictures and the Media icon to import media
How To Digitally Annotate
  • The palette appears once the Pen icon is selected
  • Cursor reverts mouse to cursor mode
  • Click and drag mouse to annotate with the Pen and Highlighter
  • Click and outline object(s) with the Scale tool to select object(s)
  • Change the color and line width before annotations are made or once object(s) are selected with the scale tool
  • Remove annotations by erasing or undoing
  • Select the Close icon to remove the palette from the screen
How To Use Image To video
  • Select "Source Folder" to import a folder of pictures
  • Select "Sort images by" to choose the order of the images
  • Select the number of images per second
  • Add a file name and video type
  • Select "Create" to compile the images into a video
How To Use Time-Lapse
  • Timed intervals (days, hours, minutes, seconds)
  • Fixed times (Ex: 9:31am)
How To Use Time-Lapse And Image To Video Together
  • Set the time-lapse function to take pictures over time. The pictures taken from the time-lapse can then be imported into the Image To Video software, creating a video.