10 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Use a Document Camera in Your Classroom

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What is a document camera?

A document camera or a visualizer is a nifty piece of technology that enables you to display 2D objects to an audience, typically with the help of a projector or a smart screen. Originally developed in 1988, they aimed to satisfy the growing demand for a solution to be able to present documents, plans, books, and live demonstrations to a large crowd. 

They have since evolved to include a myriad of functions. They are generally made up of 5 components – optics, a camera (or two), lights, a motherboard, and an accompanying annotation software. While they can also be used in a professional setting, in this article we shall talk about why you need a Document Camera for education.  

          1) Make Science, Maths, Geography, and other lessons more interesting

A document camera aids in demonstrating scientific concepts, mathematical equations by showing students live images along with your verbal explanations. You can also ensure that students in every corner of the classroom can watch science experiments as they take place by pulling up the feed onto a whiteboard with the help of a video projector. Take a deep dive into a country’s geographical features by annotating a map or travel overseas by having your students name the capitals of the world.  

          2) Reading books 

If you teach younger students, document cameras can be used to encourage reading habits, and students who need additional support can look to the page on screen in case of difficulties. You can also help reduce carbon emissions by eliminating the need to print handouts. Additionally, students will love watching the illustrations in storybooks on a smart screen in life-like proportions! 

Image Source: Compare Fibre on Unsplash

          3) Hybrid or remote learning

As schools all over the world had to make the transition to remote or hybrid learning, education technology gained overnight in popularity. Doc cams have been especially invaluable in reducing learning loss and enabling teachers to display lessons on screen while working from home 

          4) Record for later

Document cameras allow educators to record videos, allowing them to be reused at a later period. This feature can be notably helpful for students to go over lessons at their own pace, and to revisit recordings in case of doubts at a later time, further extending their learning experience. Such recordings may also come in handy in case  

          5) Diversify/ update teaching style 

Teachers have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to classroom technology these days. Adopting a new technology enables you to update your teaching style and complement textbook learning with an engaging elementTo learn about how technology can be used to gamify your classroom and to adopt an innovative approach to lessons, check out our previous blog post on gamification in education here 

          6) Classroom Management

You can be creative in the way you use your document camera. One such out-of-the-box idea is to project class objectives, daily quotes, important announcements for the day, or to highlight achievements using the doc cam. That way, you will not need to wipe it off at the end of your class or keep rewriting something you wrote on the board later in the day because a fellow teacher needed to use that space.  

          7) Art class

Another unique way to utilize your classroom technology to the fullest – show and tell students what you are doing during art lessons. While they work on their version of the artwork, having an example to follow will help point them in the right direction.  

          8) Revive unused or outdated interactive whiteboard devices

Sometimes when technology gets outdated or breaks down for whatever reason, it might remain in place for a while, especially expensive interactive whiteboards. You can give these a new life by using a video projector and a document camera. The annotation feature that comes with most allows you to mark, highlight or screenshot without making any notes on the paper versions of textbooks or documents. 

          9) Add a different dynamic to student’s presentations 

Encourage students to integrate technology into their learning by allowing them to use the classroom’s document camera to present class projects. Doing this prepares them for higher education and empowers them with increased confidence. Further, it shows them how technology can be used educationally outside of video games or social media.  

          10) Portability and ease of use

Document Cameras are lightweight and portable, which means you can easily make the switch between classrooms or e-learning classes. You only need to connect them to your laptop and projector, saving you precious minutes before class begins. They are also extremely easy to use, with a short learning curve! 


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