Before deciding to implement new technologies or methodologies, it is important to gather information to understand how effective these technologies or methodologies can be. Where can you find studies that focus on education and technology? 

Journal of Research on Technology in Education

This publication offers insights into “the efficacy of instructional uses of education technology” and covers a broad range of topics in the education technology sphere. Recently, they have examined students’ acceptance of tablet PCs, computer science education in elementary schools, and one-to-one technology in K-12 classrooms.

Google Scholar

If you are looking for an article about a specific topic or technology, Google Scholar can be a great tool to use. With Google Scholar, you can filter your searches by keyword, author, and article title. There are many free articles available through Google Scholar, making it a simple and cost-effective method for finding studies pertaining to a specific topic.


JSTOR is another tool to specify your searches. With JSTOR, you can narrow you searches down by subject, content type (journals, books, or research reports,), and the date of publication. By registering for a JSTOR account, you can read up to six articles each month for free.

Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education

Published quarterly, Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education examines uses of technology in teacher education in various departments and grade levels. Their most recent article discusses why we need technology in education.

Are there any publications or tools you like to use to find education technology studies? Let us know!