During the spring of 2015, we got a call from one of our customers down in Texas, Lisa. Lisa was a 3rd grade teacher in charge of a classroom of 15 students. Her classroom was equipped with our interactive whiteboard device, mounted to the ceiling to avoid recalibration. "I was really excited for this to work", she said with disappointment, "but I often find myself having to recalibrate the device. It's really annoying..." This is the third call we've received this week regarding this issue", we thought to ourselves, "we have to do something!"

Complaints => Feedback
Here at BoardShare, we don't like to think of customer frustrations as complaints. Our goal is to make educators' lives easier, not harder. If our customers aren't satisfied, then neither are we. For this reason, we're actually thankful when we receive these calls because, otherwise, we wouldn't know what we need to improve upon. "It's part of the process", says Diego Cucalon, our Marketing & Administrative Associate. "whenever a new product enters the market, there is an implicit conversation between the organization and its customers, a sort of back-and-forth that allows for collaboration towards a common goal [improving the product] if both parties are willing. Luckily, BoardShare and its customers are willing!"

The Continuous Improvement Process
Upon closer review from our engineering team, we determined the main issue to be infrared-light-stability. Apparently, some of our units were not remaining completely still on ceiling mounts. The slight movements caused the infrared light to move, which in turn, prompted frequent recalibration. Now that we were certain what the cause of the issue was, we could develop a plan to fix it. After a couple of weeks and a considerable amount of trial and error, our engineers were able to develop a permanent solution for this issue. We weren't able to stop our device from experiencing slight movement, however, we could stop the infrared light from moving.

The Solution: Accu-Check
Our solution was to improve our calibration software to include an optional "added precision" feature for educators intending to set their interactive whiteboard device in a fixed position. We ended up calling it Accu-Check, and now before any calibration is made, our customers have the option of choosing Accu-Check for added precision and stability. After we finished developing the software update, we called our customers back to ensure that their issue was resolved, and were very happy to hear their response. "I don't know what you guys did", said Lisa, "but it works perfectly now. Thank you so much!"

Someone once said that, "Rome wasn't built in a day." It takes time to built great things, and developing high quality, cost-effective education technology is no exception. When the first smartphone came out in 1999, there were several drawbacks such as limited functionality, small screens, and limited bandwidth that resulted in slower data speed. It certainly didn't include all the features and functionalities we use in the present-day, handheld computers we've come to know and love. Just as smartphones have developed over time, so does the software and design of our products. We are excited to take this journey with you, and appreciate any and all feedback that you can give us.

What about you? Are you satisfied with your interactive whiteboard device? Make sure to share your feedback with us in the comment secion below!