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  1. 7 Free Reading Websites to Encourage Summer Reading Habits in Kids

    7 Free Reading Websites to Encourage Summer Reading Habits in Kids

    Reading Time: 3min 


    The long-awaited summer break is here. What better way to occupy your kids than to encourage them to cultivate reading habits? In this post, we shall discuss why it is so important for kids to practice summer reading. In honor of National Children’s Day, we have also made a list of 7 Websites with FREE reading resources. 

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  2. Benefits of Participating in a PLN (Personal Learning Network)

    Benefits of Participating in a PLN (Personal Learning Network)

    Reading Time: 3min 

    What is a PLN?  

    The newest addition to our team came across this term on Twitter, and wanted to know what a PNL means, and how to get one. If you are a teacher who is quite active on social media, chances are you have already heard of it, and are already a part of one or many. If not, this article is for you!  

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  3. Why You Should Use a Document Camera in Your Classroom (10 Compelling Reasons)

     10 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Use a Document Camera in Your Classroom

    Reading Time: 4min 23 sec

    What is a document camera?

    A document camera or a visualizer is a nifty piece of technology that enables you to display 2D objects to an audience, typically with the help of a projector or a smart screen. Originally developed in 1988, they aimed to satisfy the growing demand for a solution to be able to present documents, plans, books, and live demonstrations to a large crowd. 

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  4. Gamification in Education: What is it and how do I 'gamify' my Classroom?

    Gamification In Education [What Is It and How To Gamify Your Classroom]

    Gamification in Education: What is it and how do I 'gamify' my Classroom?

    Reading Time: 3 min 10 sec 

    If you have ever played a video game, you might know that the competition is what makes it so engaging. Accomplishing group tasks, achieving milestones, and breaking high scores – it is all designed in a way that makes you want to keep coming back. This is also a part of the reason why games like Farmville, World of Warcraft, and Candy Crush gained popularity. So, why not apply these principles to make learning more engaging and fun?


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  5. Schools Re-opening: Back-to-school tips for Educators

    Schools Re-opening: Back-to-school tips for Educators

    Reading Time: 2 min 11 sec 

    This past year has been hard on everyone. Teachers and students both have had to adapt to changes again and again. With several schools opening for in-person instruction full timesome parents prefer not to send their child in, for various reasons. While some teachers must continue to manage hybrid or remote learning schedules interspersed with a few in-person classes, some others have already adapted to full time in-person classes. At the time of writing this post, the situation varies from state to state, and location to location. 

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  6. 20 Best Books for Teachers in 2021

    20 Best Books for Teachers in 2021

    Reading Time: 2 min 4 sec 


    Let’s be honest, who does not enjoy a delightful book? The joy of settling down in your favorite nook, along with a perfect cup of coffee and diving into an engaging read is unmatched. Bonus points if it helps you progress in your professional life. Time and again, we have referred to books to answer all our burning questions. Following the complicated year Educators all over the world have faced, books could be a good place to start to get clarity.

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  7. 7 ways to celebrate Earth Day

    7 ways to celebrate Earth Day

    Reading Time: 2 min


    The urgency of bringing about change to fight against climate change is at its peak. The importance of maintaining a healthy natural ecosystem has been highlighted evermore due to the ongoing pandemic. We, at BoardShare, have compiled a list of 7 kid-friendly ways to celebrate Earth Day coming up this Thursday, April 22nd.

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  8. Extend the Holiday Giving Season

    Extend the Holiday Giving Season

    As winter break approaches, students are making sock snowmen and reindeer paintings in art class as teachers are preparing for the mountain of grading that marks the end of the semester. The short days are being crowned with holiday lights as falling snow delights the children. Most students are gleefully anticipating winter break because, for them, winter break means spending days at their grandparents’ house watching Netflix in their pajamas.

    For some students, however, the approach of winter break provokes anxious thoughts that gnaw at their stomachs which turn into hunger pains once break starts. For students who are deemed food insecure, their most substantial meal of the day comes from their school’s free or reduced school lunch program - a program to which they do not have access during school breaks.

    As a mission-driven organization, BoardShare strongly supports helping improve education outcomes for students across the United States. Well-fed children are a vital prerequisite for our goal, so we are encouraging everyone to extend the holiday giving spirit to food insecure children.

    During this season of giving, everyone can help in different ways, whether it is by cooking a meal for a neighbor in need, helping the local food pantry, or donating to an organization that combats food insecurity among school-aged children.
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  9. HELP, the Right Side of my Screen Cuts Off!

    The other day, we received a tech support call from one of our customers, Sharon in Texas. “I’m trying to calibrate my BoardShare device”, he said, “but the calibration screen seems to be aligned to the right. The display cuts off on the right side and doesn’t allow me to complete calibration. I really want this to work Continue reading

  10. 7 Ways Open Pedagogy Benefits Teachers and Learners

    A lot has changed since the emergence of Web 2.0 tools and approaches in the mid-2000s. The tide of digital information has led to sweeping changes to learning and teaching but… what are they? More importantly, how do you use these tools to effect change in this new culture of learning? Whether you are reading this because you are being pressured into learning more about open educational resources (OER) at your school, or have a genuine interest in open pedagogy, there are many benefits to be reaped from participating in today’s online learning community.
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