The BoardShare Document Camera is here! A staple in many classrooms, document cameras can play an important role in student engagement and retention. This lightweight device allows teachers to place a document (or object) under the lens, and display images for their students.

With the BoardShare Document Camera, you also have access to our integrated annotation software to make any important annotations without manipulating the actual object or document. What are some of the ways that a document camera can be used in the classroom?

Use it in makerspaces
Label a bot’s parts with the annotated software, use the image-to-video function to see a maker product come together, and take pictures of finalized creations!

Show nature’s most amazing creatures in great detail
Plants, leaves, and insects are all great for a science and biology class!
Use the image-to-video function to record a plant growing every day.

Walk through scientific procedures & record your lectures
For complicated and hands-on procedures, show your students how it’s done with the document camera live feed. If your students are absent from a lengthy lab, record it using the document camera software.

Highlight important text in books/documents
With our integrated annotation software, you won’t even have to highlight directly on the object!

Facilitate device tutorials & student engagement
When teaching students how to use tablets, Chromebooks, or iPads, show them with the document camera; use it during show-and-tell so that every student can see the presented object clearly.

It’s clear that document cameras can be used for so much more than just showing books and papers. The possibilities for using document cameras, like your imagination, are endless!