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Although the BoardShare team was exhausted as we left our first ISTE conference, the overall week was incredibly invigorating. The conference served as a great reminder of the importance of providing education technology to schools. The BoardShare journey began in 2013 due to our immense passion for education and technology, and it was amazing to meet the countless attendees and exhibitors who share this passion. There were so many wonderful exhibits that showcased astounding products and services. We selected some of our favorite exhibitors from this year’s conference.




Many educators are familiar with BrainPOP, whose curriculum-based content uses animated movies, learning games, and interactive quizzes to engage students. With its booth located directly in front of the main entrance of the expo hall, BrainPOP’s exhibit was a flurry of activity. BrainPOP has a wide array of lessons in Science, Math, Technology, Music, Social studies, English, Health, Reading, and Writing; each of these lessons has available movies, quizzes, activities, and games. After viewing some of their lessons, we can understand why BrainPOP is so successful at engaging students in learning.

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Teachers Pay Teachers is an online resource where teachers can buy, sell, and share resources and lesson plans; the lesson plans are created by teachers for teachers, and this is one of our favorite aspects of this site. Who would understand a lesson plan’s strengths and weaknesses more than a teacher? The lesson plans are categorized by grade level, price point, seller location, and resource type, which makes finding a certain kind of lesson plan incredibly easy. We love that this site has a great deal of lessons that are completely free.

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While it is important to keep students mentally healthy, it is crucial to keep them physically healthy as well. GoNoodle is a website with interactive games and videos that get kids active in the classroom, and allows the students a “brain break”. Some of GoNoodle’s movement videos include dancing and stretching. As their booth was located directly near ours, we were able to see some GoNoodle activities in progress. At one point, GoNoodle moved to another booth and had attendees watch and act out one of their videos; the video was cute and engaging, and it looked like the participating attendees were having a great deal of fun.

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Quizizz is a free system that allows you to create quizzes for your students in minutes. Educators can also find quizzes made by other teachers. Quizizz works on all devices with a browser, including computers, tablets and smartphones; each student needs their own device to participate. We love how straightforward this product is, and how simple it is for students to access these quizzes; all they need to do is enter a 6-digit code.  We also found out that you can integrate Quizizz with Google Classroom, which makes Quizizz even more amazing.

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3Doodler specializes in 3D pens. When one of our BoardShare team members walked by their booth and saw the pen in action, she had to stop and take a closer look. All around her, 3Doodler booth staff and attendees were making some extremely cool creations. She overheard a principal chatting with a 3Doodler staff member about how the pens could be used in the classroom, and they came up with some great ideas. The pen could be used in art classes, physics classes for engineering and design, and math classes for geometry.

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There were many other amazing exhibitors at ISTE, and we’re so pleased that we could exhibit alongside such great companies. Thank you to all of the attendees who stopped by our booth and took the time to speak with us about what you were looking for in an ed tech product; we will be incorporating your responses in our education technology blog series later this month.