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For the ever-busy educator, finding free educational resources can be an incredibly daunting task. To make this task easier, the BoardShare team compiled a list of free educational websites. Using this list, we selected five great websites for teachers to utilize in the classroom.



  1. 1. CK-12

Recognizing that all students learn differently and at different paces, CK-12’s mission is to provide personalized content that is best suited for each child. They offer a library of free online textbooks, videos, exercises, flashcards, and real world applications for over 5000 concepts from arithmetic to spelling. Type in the subject of your lesson plan in the “What do you want to learn today?” search tool, and you will be given a list of different resources to use. You can also click on the browse button to see different topics in English, science, math, and more.



  1. 2. ABCya

If you are an elementary teacher, ABCya may be the perfect resource to utilize. ABCya provides free educational computer games and mobile apps for elementary students. Consistently adding new games (particularly fun holiday-themed games), teachers and students can select from a number of fun activities like letter tracing and contraction exercises. Many of these games are great to use with interactive whiteboards as well.



  1. 3. Epic!

Epic! is an online children's subscription book service, and is available for free to all U.S. and Canada-based elementary school teachers and librarians. Epic! can be used on Desktops, Laptops, Chromebooks, and iOS and Android devices. Teachers and librarians can set up profiles for their students, which helps the program make recommendations based on students’ reading levels and interests.



  1. 4. TeachEngineering

TeachEngineering provides engineering lessons and hands-on activities for use in science, engineering, and math classrooms. It is a searchable, web-based digital library curricula for use by K-12 teachers and engineering faculty. The “browse” tab at the top of the page allows users to narrow results down by curriculum type, grade level, time required, and subject area.



  1. 5. Scholastic

It’s no secret that BoardShare loves Scholastic (and the Scholastic Book Fair program). In addition to offering some great ideas on fun activities to do in the classroom, Scholastic also offers different interactive activities that are great for students to complete on a tablet or computer, or with an interactive whiteboard. Check out this great lesson on the first Thanksgiving. Most importantly, Scholastic offers lessons guidelines for multiple subject matters and grade levels.

While free educational resources can often be difficult to find, there are many available. Check BoardShare’s list of free educational websites for new updates. If there is a free educational website you want to see added to the list, let us know!