So... you have made the wise decision to purchase an edtech product for your school. Now what? To fully get the most out of your product and improve your students’ learning experience, it is important to familiarize yourself with all its features and capabilities, as well as solutions to any technical issues that may arise. There are numerous ways that you can reach out for support:

1. Request in-person training or training webinars
Depending on where the company is based and how many offices they have around the country, they may be able to send a team member to provide an in-depth training session.
However, sometimes, a company will be unable to send a representative to provide an in-person training: luckily, webcams and web meetings have made training anywhere (and at any time) a breeze. Request a personalized webinar and share the login information with your staff for large-scale training

2. Request case studies
Most companies will have at least one case study posted on their website; if you can not find it, reach out to someone at the company to see if they have one available. Case studies are incredibly helpful -as you can discover new benefits of the product and hear the different ways staff members make use of the technology.

3. Ask if they have contact information for “product champions”
While case studies are great, it can also be helpful to speak to a product manager (or “champion”) to get a greater understanding of how to use the product.
Oftentimes, figuring out different ways to use a product is the greatest challenge. If the champion is comfortable speaking with others about their product, they may grant the company permission to share their contact information with other customers like yourself.

4. Call their support line for one-on-one help
If you need help troubleshooting, or simply have questions as you start to use the product, please call the customer support line. They will be happy to assist you in any way they can to ensure that you enjoy a positive customer experience.

5. Subscribe to their mailing list
If you are not already subscribed to their mailing list, request to be added! Many companies will send news about new products and software updates, share blogs, and provide other important information via e-mail.

If you want to know how to communicate with education technology vendors BEFORE you have purchased their product, see our “How to find the right edtech product” and “Important questions to ask before purchasing edtech products” blogs.

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