Last month, we announced that we were giving away 100 BoardShare units to schools in need of interactive technology. We received an overwhelming number of well-written and thoughtful applications from educators around the country. Through these applications, we gained many new insights into the current state of interactive technology, and how interactive whiteboards can be used.

Many of our applicants were seeking cost-effective alternatives to more expensive interactive whiteboards. For a good portion of our applicants, their schools could only afford to equip a handful of classrooms with interactive whiteboards. While many of the teachers have iPads and Chromebooks in the classroom, only a handful of their schools had leftover budget dollars for additional expensive purchases. In addition to the initial cost of the expensive boards, few were able to afford the licensing fees and recurring costs after purchasing.

Despite the high initial and recurring costs of popular interactive whiteboards, many applicants stated their boards are still failing. Their technology directors are left without the means to constantly replace these boards, and teachers often go without interactive technology for long stretches at a time. Failing technology, as one teacher explained, “is the quickest way to lose your audience.”

So how would our winners use their BoardShare units? Here are some of our favorite answers:

It would be used for teaching students how to use venal cutter, laser cutter or engraving, the CNC machine, and the 3D printers. We would have math problems games created to help improve our students’ understanding and use of math.” - Media arts design coach

There are several research-based intervention programs, such as Lively Letters, Orton Gillingham, Fundations, and Touch Math, that have interactive smartboard activities that enhance and provide more practice with the concepts and skills being taught in these programs.” – Special education teacher

In World History, it would make teaching much easier with maps, graphs, charts, and many other things that I display that I need to interact with.” – High school teacher

Our program is not like other high school classes. We teach everything from history, nutrition table manners, government, college preparation, marksmanship, leadership, and many other life skills. [BoardShare] would help in showing videos, slides, and other media!” - Marine Corps JROTC Instructor

I would use a BoardShare unit to demonstrate and practice close reading, conduct class reviews (perhaps in a quiz-show format), have students interact with maps, timelines, and other graphic organizers (moving ‘pieces’ around to fit in the correct place), vocabulary games, and student-generated presentations.” – High school teacher

Thanks to everyone who applied for our giveaway! We enjoyed hearing from different educators around the nation! We look forward to announcing the winners on September 14th.

If you are still interested in receiving a BoardShare unit, contact us!