The BoardShare team has seen some incredibly amazing products at every conference we attend, and the CETPA conference last week in sunny Pasadena was no exception! Here are some of the coolest tools we saw in the exhibit hall!

  1. Padcaster Ultimate Studio

If you are a teacher looking to help your students make professional videos, look no further than Padcaster. The Padcaster Ultimate Studio turns your iPad into a mobile production studio. It includes 3 microphones, a dual mic/headphone splitter, a portable green screen with a carrying case, an LED light, tripod, .45x wide angle lens, and a mini teleprompter. It works with apps on your iPad to make professional videos that are perfect for digital storytelling projects, sporting events, journalism classes, and club meetings. So cool!

  1. Juice Mobile Power by Bretford

As classroom designs continue to evolve and a greater emphasis is placed on flexibility in room setup, it becomes more important to find flexible products. Available in early 2018, Juice Mobile Power by Bretford turns a single wall outlet into a powerful, mobile charging solution. It provides safe charging for your entire classroom, and can be folded up and moved with no hassle. The coolest part? It’s safe for your students! Don’t worry about liquids around this product or tripping on wires! And you can turn it off by simply tapping on it with your hand.

  1. Doceri by SP Controls, Inc.

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Doceri, but we learned even more about Doceri’s incredible capabilities at this year’s CETPA conference. Doceri is a product that allows you to control your computer’s desktop from across the room. We tell teachers it’s a great product for controlling BoardShare from your iPad, meaning you never have to turn your back on your students. What other cool Doceri features did we discover at the CETPA conference? Not only can you use Doceri to record your screen, it can also save your annotations as PDFs. Doceri can also be used to control audiovisual technology in your room. Very fun to use!

  1. Mobile Device Baskets by LocknCharge

For educators that feel like they have too many mobile devices to keep track of, LocknCharge’s Mobile Device Baskets are a great solution. These baskets allow teachers and technology staff to share and distribute devices between multiple classrooms. The baskets are available in different colors, as are available iPad Air 2 Cases, which makes it easy to pair iPads to the correct LocknCharge Baskets. Ranging in different sizes, materials, and number of slots, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to storing and carrying your mobile devices.

It was so great to meeting all the amazing educators at the CETPA conference this year! We look forward to meeting more of you at next year’s conference!

Was there a product you saw at this year’s CETPA conference that you thought was cool? Let us know!