Halloween is next week, and that means lots of Halloween-themed activities in the classroom! Here are some great interactive activities and games for the spookiest holiday of the year. 

  1. Virtual pumpkin carving

Perfect to use with an interactive whiteboard, ABCya’s pumpkin carving activity is perfect for unleashing students’ creativity without making a mess!



  1. Halloween history

Edsitement presents a lesson on the origins of Halloween and the Day of the Dead. This is a great lesson to help students understand why we celebrate Halloween, and the history behind El Dia de Muertos.

day of the dead


  1. Quiz Whiz: Halloween

National Geographic Kids put together a quiz that tests general Halloween knowledge. Find out how much your students know about jack-o'-lanterns, witches, and more!

quiz whiz


  1. Halloween addition game

Softschools’ Halloween addition game is a fun and colorful way to get your students engaged in math activities. Use the different colored ghosts to correctly answer the different addition questions. This game is also available for multiplication and subtraction.

halloween addition


  1. Numerical order game

TheKidzPage’s numerical order game is perfect for younger students still learning their numbers. The object of the game is to select the numbers in numerical order as quickly as possible!

numerical order


  1. Halloween crossword

Play as a group on your interactive whiteboard, or print it out for students to work on individually. ABCya’s Halloween crossword is a fun activity designed to get your students thinking and spelling!



  1. Addition matching game

A game that tests memory AND math skills. Find the matches between the numbers and corresponding addition problems. The less mistakes, the higher the score.



What are some of your favorite Halloween activities for the classroom? Let us know!