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  1. The Role of Digital Media in Classrooms

    Nowadays, digital media has become ubiquitous with modern living. Because of this, educators and schools are changing the way students are taught. Change can be scary but as technology impacts virtually every aspect of our daily lives, it is important that, rather than reminisce over simpler times, we focus on the silver linings. Continue reading

  2. 6 Steps to Get Started with Project-Based Learning

    As a teacher, it can sometimes be hard to ensure that every student grasps the content of your lessons at the same pace – after all, every person has their own strengths and weaknesses, and as we move forward into an ever-changing labor market it is becoming clearer that the old “one size fits all” approach will not prepare students to handle real life. Continue reading

  3. New BoardShare Document Camera

    The BoardShare Document Camera is here! A staple in many classrooms, document cameras can play an important role in student engagement and retention. This lightweight device allows teachers to place a document (or object) under the lens, and display images for their students. Continue reading

  4. Teacher Appreciation Week

    Teacher Appreciation Week starts today! Chances are that you have had a teacher that has changed your life in some way. As Temple Grandin said, “I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a good teacher.” Here are some of our other favorite quotes about teachers: Continue reading

  5. Where to Find Education Technology Studies


    Before deciding to implement new technologies or methodologies, it is important to gather information to understand how effective these technologies or methodologies can be. Where can you find studies that focus on education and technology?  Continue reading

  6. St. Patrick’s Day Educational Activities

    st pats

    St. Patrick's Day is on Saturday, so be sure to incorporate some green into your wardrobe! Here are some fun and festive St. Patrick's Day activities to do with your students this week.  Continue reading

  7. Best Education Budgeting Articles


    The BoardShare team previously wrote a blog about how to strategically budget for education technology. We offered some different pieces of advice based on information from our customers, and friends in the education field. With many currently working on completing their budgets, we decided to compile a list of other great budgeting articles. Continue reading

  8. Holiday Educational Activities

    winter activities

    With the holidays rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to engage your students in fun and educational holiday activities! Continue reading

  9. BoardShare 101: Setup Tricks


    “The hardest thing about getting started, is getting started.” Wise words from Guy Kawasaki! For many educators, getting started with education technology can be the trickiest step. When it comes to setting up BoardShare, there are many tips and tricks we can offer. Here are some of our most helpful suggestions. Continue reading

  10. Cool Tools From CETPA 2017


    The BoardShare team has seen some incredibly amazing products at every conference we attend, and the CETPA conference last week in sunny Pasadena was no exception! Here are some of the coolest tools we saw in the exhibit hall! Continue reading

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