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Ed Tech

  1. How to Get Ready for Back-to-School Period: A Teacher's Guide

    Many publications offer advice on back-to-school regimens for students. However, very few articles focus on ways to navigate this time frame as a teacher, even though they experience far more anxiety and anticipation during this time as they are in charge of course preparation, as well as classroom setup, for the remainder of the school year. Luckily, the digital world has given us access to helpful guides and materials to aid us in pursuing our goals. Continue reading

  2. 7 Good Sources of Free Educational Content

    Today's digital world offers a wide array of options for free educational content. Regardless of subject or grade level, there are multiple benefits to be gained from incorporating these resources into your lesson plans. For this article, we have compiled a list of seven useful educational platforms to complement your curriculum to give both your teachers (and students) that extra edge.  Continue reading

  3. How Technology Has Changed Classrooms Over Time


    Every now and then, a piece of technology comes around that changes the way we do things. In 1908, the production of affordable automobiles changed the way we move from point A to point B and, in the 1920s, the newly-released radio sparked a new wave of communication that would change the very fiber of our society forever. Continue reading

  4. Should You Implement MLearning at Your School?

    If you work in the education industry, you might have heard the term, "mlearning" once or twice. But what does it mean? And, is this a trend you should start to consider as technology increasingly  changes education standards nationwide? Continue reading

  5. How to Implement Instructional Technology Coaching at Your School

    Most districts have technology offices or departments that deploy coaches to individual schools and campuses on a scheduled, or as-needed basis. However, more and more schools are choosing to get in-house ITC, to better formulate and deliver on their tech integration programs. ITC (or, Instructional Technology Coaching) is a prevalent method of deploying continuous professional, or teacher development, with a focus on technology integration in both the curriculum and method of instruction.  Continue reading

  6. The Role of Digital Media in Classrooms

    Nowadays, digital media has become ubiquitous with modern living. Because of this, educators and schools are changing the way students are taught. Change can be scary but as technology impacts virtually every aspect of our daily lives, it is important that, rather than reminisce over simpler times, we focus on the silver linings. Continue reading

  7. New BoardShare Document Camera

    The BoardShare Document Camera is here! A staple in many classrooms, document cameras can play an important role in student engagement and retention. This lightweight device allows teachers to place a document (or object) under the lens, and display images for their students. Continue reading

  8. 5 Tips to Fasttrack Your Device Learning Curve

    So... you have made the wise decision to purchase an edtech product for your school. Now what? To fully get the most out of your product and improve your students’ learning experience, it is important to familiarize yourself with all its features and capabilities, as well as solutions to any technical issues that may arise. There are numerous ways that you can reach out for support: Continue reading

  9. Where to Find Education Technology Studies


    Before deciding to implement new technologies or methodologies, it is important to gather information to understand how effective these technologies or methodologies can be. Where can you find studies that focus on education and technology?  Continue reading

  10. Cool Tools From CETPA 2017


    The BoardShare team has seen some incredibly amazing products at every conference we attend, and the CETPA conference last week in sunny Pasadena was no exception! Here are some of the coolest tools we saw in the exhibit hall! Continue reading

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