As education technology products continue to emerge, finding the right product can be an incredibly difficult and time-consuming task. How can an educator find the time to sort through the information for every single product? Is there a better and more efficient way to approach the task of finding new education technology products? Working with an education reseller is one solution. 

Many educators are familiar with education technology vendors, and often work with them directly. While working with education technology vendors directly can be beneficial, working with an education reseller may have even greater long-term benefits.

Our previous blogs have discussed what a good education reseller can do. Before we get into why they are beneficial, it’s important to explain what constitutes a good reseller.  A good reseller will act as a consultant for their customers, and take every single factor, including the customer’s long-term goals, budget, and the technology they already have at the school, into account. They will also help the customer understand what they need, as opposed to what they believe they want. Often, a teacher or technology director will simply want the most expensive or well-known product on the market, even though it might not be the best fit for them; a good education reseller will provide alternative suggestions. Seasoned education resellers are also responsive and easy to get in touch with. Should the customer need support, the reseller will be quick to provide troubleshooting resources.

It’s no secret that the BoardShare team highly recommends working with education resellers – we’ve discussed this in a few of our previous blogs, including our most recent post, “Tips for Districts with Tight Technology Budgets”. Why do we recommend resellers so often? First and foremost, education resellers carry an assortment of education products, which means they can help find the best solution for your school. The talented staff at education resellers are knowledgeable about the different products his or her company carries, and can help a customer select a product based on goals and budget. They understand that a product that worked well for another school may not be the best solution in every situation.

Because education resellers know so much about their products, not only will they present the right product to the customer, but they can do so quickly. This helps save the customer a great deal of time and effort, as they do not have to examine every education technology vendor one by one. If a new product comes on the market that the reseller thinks may be beneficial for their customer, they can quickly alert them and provide product information.

Education resellers can also help save schools and districts a great deal of money. As we discussed in our “Tips for Districts with Tight Technology Budgets” post, education resellers often offer payment plan options. Depending on the reseller and the products they sell, they may offer bundle deals if multiple products are purchased in one order, which can save a great deal of money if there is a need to purchase two items together.

Education resellers are also qualified vendors in many large districts where purchasing regulations are in place. If the education technology vendor you have been working with is not qualified to sell in that district, but they work with an education reseller that is qualified, it saves a great deal of time and hassle, as you can simply purchase the product through the qualified reseller.

If you are currently looking to purchase new education technology in your school or district, an education reseller is a great place to start. They can offer you a solution based on your needs and budget, and can do so efficiently. If you are interested in working with an education reseller, check out our list of education resellers that BoardShare works with.