I can't calibrate the camera or select certain calibration points


  • Ensure the camera is at a minimum distance of 5 feet from the projected surface and a maximum distance of 15 feet.
  • Ensure the camera is at a minimum distance “D” = Height + Width  of the the projection surface. 

How far should the BoardShare Camera be from my "Whiteboard"?

If using a PROJECTOR*:

Width of “Whiteboard”

Distance of Camera from Whiteboard

4 feet

8 feet

5 feet

10 feet

6 feet

12 feet

7 feet

14 feet

8 feet

15 feet

* (or TV) with standard definition/VGA connection

If using a FLAT SCREEN TV*:

Size of Flat Screen TV

Distance of Camera from TV/Whiteboard

32 inch

4 feet

37 to 42 inch

6 feet

45 to 52 inch

7 feet

55 to 60 inch

8 feet

65 to 70 inch

9 feet


* (or high def projector) with high definition/HDMI connection

Cause: Screen resolution conflict


  • Adjust your Screen Resolution from within your control panel on the computer
  • BoardShare recommends setting your screen resolution to 1024×768
  • These recommendations may differ depending on the type of projector you have

Cause: Line of sight issues


  • Make sure there are no obstructions in the line of the camera. The pen and camera should be able to communicate with each other.

Cause: Camera connection to PC via USB


  • Go to settings on your BoardShare Palette and under section Information, it shows status as BoardShare Camera Connected.


I connected the camera, but the software will not find it

Cause: The camera is not properly connected

Answer: Disconnect the camera and plug into another USB port on your computer. If the camera is still not working with the other USB port on your computer, please try using the camera on another computer. 

If the software is still not finding the camera after trying it on multiple USB ports and computers, please contact BoardShare support

Pen won’t write or writes intermittently

Cause: Improper holding of the pen is blocking the IR transmitter while writing
Answer: Hold the pen upright and flat against the display surface. Always calibrate the screen by holding the pen in the same way you plan to write. Make sure that the pen and camera have a direct line of sight; if you are blocking your projected image, you are most likely blocking the camera. 


Cause: Low batteries in the stylus
Answer: If the LED is blinking rapidly, replace the two AA battery with new ones


Cause: Pen Icon Selected
Answer: Make sure the pen icon has been selected on the palette. The icon will turn white when selected properly

Launching Keyboard on Windows 8 crashes BoardShare

If you are using Windows 8 and higher, please download the dll file from the link below.

Once you have downloaded the file, copy the file to "C:\Program Files (x86)\BoardShare\Resources" folder on your computer.

This would resolve the keyboard launch issue.

I can't open the BoardShare palette

Cause: An instance of the BoardShare palette is already running.

Answer: Locate BoardShare application from your taskbar. If you cannot find the application, go to task manager, under applications, find an instance named BoardShare, right click on it and select End Task. Launch the BoardShare application. 

How do I set my privacy setting to 'anywhere' on Mac?

Access your 'system preferences' via the Apple drop-down menu or by searching on spotlight.

Go to 'Security & Privacy'


Allow apps to download from 'Anywhere'. If the options are greyed out make sure the lock on the bottom left is open.


Bluetooth HELP



While adding BoardShare Bluetooth Camera, the system asks for a pairing code.

The pairing code for the BoardShare Bluetooth camera is “1234”.

My computer will not recognize the Bluetooth device.

Ensure that Bluetooth is properly installed and enabled on your computer.

The device might be out of range of your computer, or too close. Try moving it closer or a little farther from your computer. A device that is farther than 30 feet from your computer may not be recognized.

If the device is close to other devices that use radio frequencies (such as microwave ovens, cordless phones, remote controls for electronics or lighting, or 802.11 wireless networks), those devices might be creating interference. Try moving the device that isn't working farther away from the other devices.

Attempt to connect the BoardShare camera to your computer via USB. If the camera is still not connecting properly, please contact BoardShare support.

The camera is not appearing on the list of devices when I open the BoardShare software.

Unpair the device, and pair it again.

Check to see that your device is fully paired with your computer. If you are using a Windows 7 computer, the Bluetooth pairing process may take a few minutes.

You can check to make sure that the device has been successfully paired by clicking the double arrow at the bottom right hand side of your computer screen.

If the device is correctly paired and is still not appearing when opening your BoardShare software, you may have to reset or clear your COM port.

Please contact your school/business IT specialist, or contact BoardShare support to complete this process.

The Bluetooth camera option is not appearing when I launch the BoardShare software.

Ensure that you have the latest version of the BoardShare software installed.

To install the latest version of the BoardShare software, you can select the Update software button under Settings on the BoardShare palette.

You can also download the newest software directly from the BoardShare website.

If you have installed the latest version of the BoardShare software and the Bluetooth camera option is not appearing, you do not have the Bluetooth option turned on in your settings.

To turn the Bluetooth option on, click the settings icon on the BoardShare palette, select Options, and switch “Enable BoardShare Bluetooth mode” to ON.