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    Being an instructional technology specialist I wear many hats. I have to be instructional, whether teaching a class or collaborating with teachers, students, and administrators in integrating technology in the curriculum and learning process.

    I am also that first line of tech support when a teacher's technology has a problem and it is a key component of the lesson plan that day, which also includes empowering the teacher to be self-sufficient when there are technical issues. Plus I have the responsibility to make good purchasing decisions that provide the best and most reliable technology for instruction in the 21st Century for all of our students and teachers, while working within a limited budget. Factoring in all of these things makes BoardShare the perfect choice. Its ease of use, practically non-existent learning curve, cost, portability, durability, and reliability in a dynamic environment makes it the clear choice for whiteboard interactivity. Then when I show teachers how easily BoardShare creates synergisms with other technologies such as: collaboration with other classrooms, the flipped classroom, handheld devices such as iPads, our teachers and students really get excited! The problem I have is administrators trying to talk the teachers out of their BoardShares for their own meetings and demonstrations, but with BoardShare's low price point I just purchase them for administrative use. It's a great technology!

    • Dan Blevins
    • Instructional Technology Specialist Houston ALIEF Independent Schools
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    I was immediately drawn to the idea of a portable interactive whiteboard solution for our district. Teachers and administrators were always asking me about purchasing interactive whiteboards for classrooms, especially in our older school buildings. Up until now, I struggled to find ways to come up with the necessary funding to make this a reality. After learning about BoardShare, it made perfect sense to invest in this new and innovative solution at a fraction of the cost of installing permanent interactive whiteboards. With BoardShare, I have been able to bring interactive whiteboard technology to every school in our district within the past 2 months with plans to expand into even more classrooms during the next school year.

    • Peter Roketenetz
    • Director of Educational Technology - Woburn Public Schools
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    I teach classes using Hebrew and Greek. I started using the Boardshare - LIVE - right out of the box. It truly was that easy to use. Not only did I use the whiteboard, but also I was able access many sites and detailed information on the internet. This made my classroom come alive! It was absolutely amazing to be able to access internet information on the fly that was suggested by the students and then wrap it up into the material being presented.

    • Rick Kipp
    • Myrtle Beach
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    I was able to setup and test this unit within the first hour. Everything worked just as documented so I am very pleased with the product. For such a small price point it really is feature rich.

    • JB
    • Clarence NY US
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    I just received two BoardShares to set up in my school. I carried the box in one hand! The setup was quick and easy! I put the camera on top of the projector (which hangs from the ceiling) and it worked. For the price and ease of setup, it's pretty amazing.

    • Monte
    • Washington
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    Because I travel to each of my students homes, I miss out on some valuable tutoring time. BoardShare allows me to get the most out of our time by collaborating with programs, such as “”. Students send me their work and, in real-time, I can annotate and make notes directly to show what he/she was struggling with. This works great because students attempt problems and I can see exactly what they are doing and help them in the most efficient way.

    • Homeschool Tutor
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    BoardShare is great -- it has to be the best of that style system that I have used. The pen is well designed and helps you keep the line of sight back to the sensor. The calibration works well and the response time was much better than other similar systems I’ve used. The software is self-explanatory as well. Someone could be up and running with one of these in a matter of minutes.

    • Anthony Cusmano
    • Touchboards
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    Boardshare is an unlimited interactive whiteboard that you can use anywhere, and for almost any purpose. It is a really great device. Our conference room is only big enough for three white boards—with this device, you can have 100 boards or more! With this device, you no longer have to erase a board to make room for new ideas or more to-do lists. You just “make” a new one. No more erasing something REALLY important by mistake! And that person that NEVER takes notes, that should—no problem! We can e-mail the white board notes to them! I can certainly see how this would be a great device for homeschooling, co-op classes, church classes and more. Because, really, this device is SUPER!

    • Ann Simpson

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